woensdag 28 augustus 2013


Bo is a black Pomeranian.
She was born inThe Netherlands on the 4th of August 1998.
I have her with me since she was 8 weeks old...
(my gosh time flies!!!) 
And it is needless to tell you that she's my best friend ;-)
Everywere I go... She goes...
Even if I have to go to the toilet!! (no kiddin') LOL

Except if I go shopping, than I leave her at home
because she hates crowdy places,
and I can understand why... 
People easily step on het because she is so small... 

She is even smaller than most of my cats!
Behind her on the left you see Merlin...

She is a very friendly doggie
but make no mistake with that sweet face of hers!!
She's also very protective and can get
really dominant too ;-)
But honestly...
That's also what I like so much about her ;-) 

Normaly a Pom does not get a hair cut
like some other dogs do.
But I do cut Bo's hair in the summer 
because it gets way too hot for her here in Greece.
This is how she looks after my grooming...

Hugs Jollie 

vrijdag 26 juli 2013


At the 21th September
We celebrated Moortje's birthday :-)
I found her in 2010 exactly on that day when I was shopping
at a German supermarket concern, outside of a nearby village.
She was waiting behind the shopping carts 
next to a aluminium plate... 
crying for food...

Well... weak as I was... 
Here she is the day that I found her ;0)

She is my 6th black cat and the last one I adopted
of the 10 cats that own me LOL.
To me Moortje closes a spiritual circle.... Why?
I believe I told it in some older post before...
Our first black cat was also listening to the name Moortje.

She's Elwins 'Girlfriend' 
and also best friends with Merlin and Zorba.
Those 3 boys immediately accepted her!
Loedertje can't stand her, 
she behaves very agressive towards her...

Here is Moortje in the box with Zorba on top of it!

I love her beautiful and friendly green eyes! :-)

I think she was about 6 months old when I found her.
I don't know how she ended up 
at the parkingplace from the supermarket...
Or what has happened to her before she came and live with us.
(Maybe a car accident or something)
Because she can't jump!
Her lower back turns out to be a bit lame
Everything high above 40 cm is to high for her...
So I have put a big bucket in front of the table were the cats eat,
because by herself... she can't jump on the table...

She has a very grateful and sweet carachter!

Hugs Jollie


Djinty is born on the 7th of September 2003 in Ermioni, Greece

I found him as a kitten with a bad infection at his eye...
It was thick and he could not open it.
He was about 4 weeks old 
and still with his mother and his little brother.
I went to see them two times a day, 
to give Djinty antibiotics and to feed them.

After a few days the eye opened... 
I discovered that he had lost his eye...
I still don't know what exactly happened to him,
but I did know that he would not survive for a long time by himself.
I took care of him, his brother and his mother for about 3 weeks,
until he was old enough to leave his mother.
Then I took Djinty home and I also had found a home for his brother.

Djinty became a hugh and beautiful half longhair cat,
he looks a bit like a Main Coon or Norweigian Forrest cat.
I still have to clean his eye at least a few times a day,
but we are both used to that by now.
He is a very friendly and quiet cat. 
But if he gets irritated he can be really agresive too!!
His best (girl)friend is ZoĆ« (the mother of Zorba).
His biggest enemy is Zorba... He hates his guts ;0) LOL

He learned to live with his one eye,
all though he can not see in 3 dimension, he is doing fine.
Only if I move the furniture he has a problem with jumping!
He can't see how far it is to the place he wants to jump to
and most of the times he lands down on the floor... :(

Anyways... He is a lovely and very soft Big Plush Cat...

Hugs Jollie 


Loedertje is born on (about the 5th) July 2008 in Greece.

She's a quiet little girl but not so very friendly!
Her name Loedertje is a Dutch saying for 'a being' that is naughty 
and not particularly nice as well!
I guess it means something like you call a Scoundrel
She is the type that is very much on her own.
She is very snappy to the other cats and sometimes to me also.

Loedertje came to my house once upon a day in 2008.
I think she was about 8 till 12 weeks old.
She was very very hungry and oh sooo skinny...

After a good meal she decided to stay... of course!

First I just wanted to keep her outside of the catrun,
but Elwin insisted that she could stay with him!
All the time he was sitting infront of the catrun door, screaming for her
and begging me to let her in... 
Well what do I have to say here anyways huh?
Every cat person knows that you are owned by your cat(s),
you never own them LOL

That is how Loedertje came to live with us.
Elwin was her most dearest friend, that went both ways
he adored her too... the little cat with attitude that she is lol!

Untill Moortje came to live with us...
She is a dearie and Elwin fell head over heals in love with her!!
You can guess what happened...
Loedertje got very jealous at her and started to pick fights
first with Moortje, but later with any cat that came near her.
It went from bad too worse...
Djinty was giving Loedertje a very hard time
and she was getting very afraid of him...
So I decided to let her stay outside of the catrun with Pandelie and Rinoa.
And she seems happy, now that Djinty can't hurt her anymore.

Doesn't she look sooo cute with her black and white colors?

Well.. so much about Loedertje, 
my 'Cattitude Girl'

Hugs Jollie